Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different from Boot Camp? Or Rapid Implementation? If I attended those events, should I attend this?

A: Yes, you should attend; better than 80% of the attendees will be members who attended Rapid Implementation and Boot Camp, and the content shared here will be entirely NEW

Q: How long is the event?

A: The entire event is 2 days, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. on Day 1, followed by a happy-hour networking reception. Day 2 will start at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. A more detailed agenda will be provided after you register.

Q: Why only $99? That seems cheap.

A: The reason this event is so inexpensive (cheap!) is that our sponsors have covered the majority of the costs, and therefore we don’t need to charge our normal workshop rates of $1,000+ per person. You can be certain the value and content will NOT be “cheap” and will be well worth your time.

Q: What’s the cancellation/no-show policy?

A: You can cancel and get a refund if you give us at least 10 days’ notice before the event starts. If you notify us later than that, or if you no-show, you forfeit the refund. However, you CAN transfer your registration to another event, provided that location has availability.

Q: I’m not a Toolkit client; am I able to attend?

A: Absolutely! The event is not product-specific. You will get a ton of value, guaranteed. Plus, you’ll get to hang out and learn from some of my best, most marketing-savvy clients.

Q: I don’t have your MAP Keap program; should I go?

A: Absolutely! We WILL have information, strategies and freebies for our MAP Keap members (as always), but the majority of the content, sessions, tools, campaigns and materials will be applicable and usable to you regardless of what CRM you have.

Q: Is the hotel and travel included?

A: No, you are responsible for booking your own travel and hotel. However, we have negotiated a room block discount at the hotel where the event is being held (that info will be provided to you immediately after registration). You can also use Airbnb if you want a cheaper place to stay. Uber and Lyft provide easy, accessible transportation to and from the airport, and some hotels have shuttle service (please see the location hotel for more details).

Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days, and a happy-hour networking reception on the first day. Day 2 ends  at 5:00 p.m.

Fair Warning: The hotel room block is limited to a set number of rooms. Once it’s sold out, there is nothing we can do and you’ll have to pay full price to get a room or (possibly) find another hotel if they are sold out. Therefore, DO NOT WAIT to register, and book your hotel room ASAP.

Q: Can I bring a marketing manager/sales manager or salesperson with me?

A. Absolutely! Most attendees are bringing one or more people from their team who are involved with marketing and sales. It’s also smart to have them there with you so you don’t have to attempt to go back to the office and explain 2 days of content. I recommend you use this as a marketing “retreat” to work ON your marketing and sales plan with your team. It’s only $99 per person to help cover some of the food, beverage and incidentals.

Q: What if the show gets cancelled?

A. If we are forced to cancel the event, we will notify you as soon as we get the news and give you an alternative date to attend, or provide you a refund (your choice).

Q: What if I buy a ticket and later discover I cannot attend?

A. If you register and discover that you cannot attend, just let us know at least 10 days in advance and we’ll provide you a refund or an alternative date/location to attend (your choice). If you don’t provide more than 10 days’ notice or no-show, you forfeit your refund but we will provide you with one of the event recordings.

Here’s What Previous Roadshow Guests Have To Say:

“Not Coming To The Event Would Have Been A Huge Mistake!”
"I wanted to pass on my thanks to Robin and the whole TMT crew for running an awesome event. I very nearly didn't come due to challenges I am currently facing in my business (and my overseas travel), but I have absolutely no doubt I did the right thing. Being here and having the opportunity to talk to and share wisdom with successful entrepreneurs was worth more to me than anything. And considering the quality of the speakers, that says a lot!"

David Rudduck - Insane Technologies

“Great Seminar!”
"Great seminar! If you're still not sure about attending one of these seminars, REGISTER and you'll be glad that you did."

Zoran Nikolic - GM Solutions, Inc.

“Best Sales And Marketing Content, Bar None!”
"Once again, Robin's team provides the best sales and marketing content, bar none. It was a pleasure to attend the workshop in Los Angeles, and I left with a ton of new insight."

Denis Wilson - DWP Information Architects

“Get Off The Fence And Register! Robin’s Team Will Not Disappoint!”
"I listen to the webinars and watch the videos Robin does, but pulling together a one-day, fully packed agenda that held interest was a totally different story. Robin's team DID NOT disappoint! Their approach is fresh and adds a lot of new concepts. ANYONE who is contemplating any of these events and is perhaps unsure of the cost versus reward…GET OFF THE FENCE and register! You WILL NOT regret the decision!"

Cindy Kelly - NetProtect, Inc.

“Absolutely Fantastic!”
"Just got home from the LA event! Absolutely fantastic! Best time out of the office in a long time! Thanks to Robin and the team. Great job!"

Don Cockayne Applied Integration, Inc.

“An Amazing Experience”
"Thank you for such an awesome event! Your team's willingness to share their knowledge and answer our questions was fantastic, and I definitely saw a lot of value from attending. You're the best!"

Sid Rothenberg - Reliable Information Technology, Inc.

“I’m SO Glad I Came To This Event!”
"Coming to this event has had a huge, positive impact on me. Even though I have had the Toolkit for three years, this event refreshed and reinvigorated me with more clarity on how to go back and actually IMPLEMENT the campaigns, ideas and strategies I've been procrastinating on. Watching the dynamic presentations, hearing her go over everything in more detail and just being here has definitely changed my life and business for the better. I strongly recommend to anyone – newbie or a long-term client like me – to register and attend."

Scott McDonald - Quality Computer Consulting

“This Event Was Awesome!”
"I had been feeling overwhelmed, but after one day of this event, I see how I can better organize myself with the 12-month marketing plan I received and I know it will soon become the core piece of my marketing efforts to keep me on track! Because I'm a one-man operation, time is always a battle and it's hard to get time just to make it out to events, and when you add in the travel, it makes it that much harder, especially when I have to travel international from Ontario, Canada! This was the first event I attended live, and I'm a believer now that nothing beats the live events. This has been a great incentive to try harder to make it out to more!"

Chris Davis - Polarverse IT Services

“Thanks For The Push To Get Things Done!”
"One week after the event we sent out 14 e-mails to 14 clients requesting a quarterly business review. Within one business day we had 11 clients confirmed and scheduled. I was amazed at the quick response, but this just confirms two things: that our clients are hungry for face-to-face communications with us and you can't get anything in this world without asking. One of the goals is to generate a sale per client at each QBR, and I believe this will be possible for us to achieve. Thank you, Robin, for the initial push to just get things done even if it's not perfect."

Jeff Auerbach - EMR Group

“If Your Business Is Important To You, You Must Make The Time To Attend This Roadshow”
"The opportunity to be with like minded MSP's to share ideas and reinforce what's important to grow my business is invaluable. Don't worry about the traffic… leave early or stay late, it's up to you. Just do whatever it takes to get here!"

Peter Verlezza - SMB Networks

“Even Though I’ve Been Using Robin’s Campaigns For Years, I STILL Left With Tons Of New Ideas”
"Even after five years of being a client of Technology Marketing Toolkit, I came back with a lot of new ideas; so inspiring! What Robin's team presented was so insightful and they all impressed me so much."

Maureen Hill - Iconic IT

“You’re Missing Out And Doing Yourself (And Your Business) A Disservice By Not Taking Advantage Of The Roadshows”
"It's very easy to come up with excuses not to attend. We're all busy. Every major business/profession has continuing education requirements. I, seeing myself as a "technology professional" treat Technology Marketing Toolkit as the continuing education to continuously better myself. I was able to bring my marketing manager to this event as well. Having my 'implementer' there next to me was critical as it helps us both to stay on the same page."

Paul Nebb - Titan Technologies

“Being Able To Talk With Your Peers In A Small Group Was Invaluable”
"I really enjoyed the Roadshow! The information presented was definitely valuable. Even though I've heard it many times, I left with new ideas and takeaways. The small size of group was just right for learning and networking."

Val Aubry - Main Street Software, Inc.

“The Roadshow Was An Amazing Event!”
"I went with my sales and marketing staff, and it was great to get them all onboard, and they got a lot of great ideas we are already implementing! The content and ideas really helped me to solidify my cyber security solution, and the vendors were top-notch!"

Bill Ooms - Business System Solutions Inc.

“The Roadshow Content is ON POINT”
"I'm writing this in Chicago, as I'm waiting for my return flight after Roadshow, to anyone who is still undecided on whether to attend one. I just attended the Chicago Roadshow, and it was fantastic! It was well worth the trip! The content and the vendors were on point. Great takeaways!"

Fernando Sosa -

“This Is A Must-Go Event For MSPs”
"I have been to several industry events here in Chicago, but I have to say this one was the best so far! If you’re an MSP sitting on the fence about whether to add cyber security to your arsenal of tools or wondering how to make your current solution better, then you MUST go to Robin’s Roadshow. Not only does Robin lay out several different vendors specifically selected to help you deliver your cyber security practice to your existing and potential clients, but there are templates to use, videos to review and others who are already doing this to ask. I would have paid thousands more for a ticket; it’s worth it – hands down."

Keith Carrizosa - Azure Horizons

“The Roadshow Blows All Other Events Out Of The Water!”
"Robin’s team KILLED IT in Chicago! I’ve been to other industry events, but the Roadshow just blew everything out of the water. I developed three new partnerships that will not only better my company, but have invigorated me beyond words. Thanks to Robin and her team for putting on such a fantastic event and experience."

Dan Matney - Matney Technology Group

“Flew 2,000 Miles, And It Was Well Worth It”
"We traveled over 2,000 miles to come to the Roadshow in Chicago, and it was definitely worth it! We now have a plan in place and know what we need to do in order to help our clients."