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Get Ready-To-Go Blueprints For The 5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Every MSP And IT Services Firm Can Use Now To Generate High-Quality Leads And New MRR Clients

We’ve cut through all the clutter, hype and confusion of online marketing and distilled it down to the 5 MOST powerful and effective digital marketing strategies for MSP and IT services sales.

You’ll discover:

Where to START with digital marketing if you’re on a limited budget with little to no marketing staff to help you.

Where most digital marketing fails and how to avoid making the same money-sucking mistakes we see people make over and over again.

What you should expect in response, lead quality and cost for the various digital marketing strategies (SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google PPC, etc.) when selling IT services.

E-mail marketing strategies that will help you build a high-quality, responsive list of engaged prospects.

Free online marketing strategies that you should take advantage of to generate qualified leads at zero cost to you.

FREE With Registration: How To Fuel An Endless Chain Of Referrals

($997 Value) Quantities Are Limited 

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Robin Robins

CEO, Technology Marketing Toolkit

Mike Stodola

CMO, Technology Marketing Toolkit

Allison Foelber

VP, Done-For-You Agency Services

Mike Bazar

CEO, Bazar Solutions

A Detailed Schedule Will Be Provided For Paid Ticket Registrants. More Speakers To Be Announced.

Here Are The 5 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss This Event!


Advanced Business Development: How To Get 4 Times The Results With 1/4th Of The Work In Everything You Do

Candidly, most IT services businesses take an overly simplistic approach to business, acting, thinking and behaving “small,” which is why they secure small profits, small wins, small (or no) growth. They only have one door for money to come to them, one way to get clients. They live from gig to gig, talk in terms of getting a “project” or a contract, NOT strategically constructing systems for profit extraction, building equity and ensuring a future harvest and equity.

During this workshop, I’m going to show you how to be more sophisticated in your approach to business to generate a 5x, 10x, 20x multiple from every client, every campaign, every investment, every employee, essentially doing one-fourth of the work, but setting yourself up to secure exponentially better results, building equity and future income, as well as a far more stable business.

Right now, it’s more essential than ever to get the MOST out of every opportunity. You cannot afford to be slothful or simplistic in your approach to business. With fewer opportunities, and money being “parked” for a while, you must be sophisticated and intentional. I’ll show you how to do just that.


The Digital Marketing Blueprint To Get New Clients NOW At A Fraction Of The Cost

One GOOD thing that has come from the plague is that digital advertising costs have gone DOWN. Further, more people are online, watching videos and engaging social media. This is, without a doubt, a temporary advantage, but one you can use to get more qualified leads faster and at a lower cost than you can get anywhere else. We’re now generating QUALIFIED leads for as little at $13 per lead – in case you’re unaware, that’s INCREDIBLY CHEAP.

During the workshop, we’ll break down where you’ll get the most bang for your advertising buck right now AND give you checklists and instructions on how to instantly use these strategies when you get back to your office (or sooner!). You’ll learn HOW to use social media and e-mail marketing to actually generate results. (HINT: there’s only ONE way that’s really working right now.) We’ll show you the metrics for making Google AdWords pay off…LinkedIn and Facebook…websites and retargeting.


Announcing The MSP 2.0 – How To Package, Price And Deliver Security-Focused Managed IT Services

With the drastic increase in cybercrime as well as ever-increasing legislation regarding compliance and data security, you cannot just slap an antivirus on your clients’ PCs and call it done. This is even more true as businesses continue to have employees working remote using home PCs and unsecured WiFi.

MSPs are being forced to take a more sophisticated and complete approach to protecting their clients, securing data and backing up their clients’ networks. Neglect this inevitable trend and you will be scrambling to catch up OR you will get replaced by an MSP that is ahead of you in this transformation.

You’ll also get an exact BLUEPRINT for how to package and price managed IT services for TODAY. We’ll be covering what EVERY managed services offering must have standard to meet minimum cyber security standards; miss any of the things we’re going to outline to you and you’re negligent. What tools and vendors will you need? How do you bundle it all together and price it so you make a solid profit margin but don’t price yourself out of the market? What do you deliver to smaller clients, and what needs to be sold to clients who are highly regulated (medical, financial)? ALL of this will be revealed during this workshop.


New Marketing Automation Tools For MSPs That Double IT Sales, Leads And Marketing ROI Without The Pain And Cost Of Hiring More Salespeople

It’s ironic: MSPs who should know the power, profit and efficiency delivered when technology is used to automate workflow, stubbornly (or foolishly?) insist on MANUAL processes or horribly inefficient tools to try and do marketing and selling. So, if you’re still trying to use your PSA tool for marketing, or are attempting to manage your sales and lead generation efforts using 2 or 3 different marketing applications, you need to see this new information.

It’s near impossible to do truly effective marketing and sales funnel management without the right tools. Without them, you are MISSING OPPORTUNITIES, dropping balls, not following up effectively and are making far more work for yourself than necessary. We’ll show you the latest tools, software and autopilot marketing systems our most successful MSP members are using to automate their marketing.


The “It Would Never Have Occurred To Me” Breakthrough

There are many, many new and exciting breakthroughs to be experienced at this event – ideas and information shared that unlock an area of significant improvement for you…of exponential profits…of greater ease…things that would never have occurred to you sitting at home, on your own, that would change EVERYTHING.

Of course you won’t know what you missed out on if you decide to stay home.

You know there is nothing quite as powerful as getting together with highly successful peers WHO ARE ALREADY ACHIEVING THE RESULTS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE so that you can learn exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it.

At this workshop, my best and brightest “students” will be in attendance, discussing what new opportunities are trending up in the IT services industry, what services and markets are HOT right now and what NEW vendors hold the key to additional sales and profits. You won’t learn this information sitting at home by yourself staring at the same four walls. If nothing else, this is a dirt-cheap way to recharge your batteries and brush up on your marketing skills. Of course, you can count on me to deliver EXTREME VALUE and get you fired up, refocused and excited to make some REAL money!

Here’s What Previous Attendees Said About Their Roadshow Experience

“Not Coming To The Event Would Have Been A Huge Mistake!”
"I wanted to pass on my thanks to Robin and the whole TMT crew for running an awesome event. I very nearly didn't come due to challenges I am currently facing in my business (and my overseas travel), but I have absolutely no doubt I did the right thing. Being here and having the opportunity to talk to and share wisdom with successful entrepreneurs was worth more to me than anything. And considering the quality of the speakers, that says a lot!"

David Rudduck - Insane Technologies

“What An Eye-Opening Experience – Just The Kick I Needed!”
"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing marketing seminar that you and your folks put on. For me, it was an eye-opening event, and a rude awakening how I've let my husband's business slide into a small, complacent tech boutique. I'm now starting to 'clean house' from top to bottom and will be implementing many of the great marketing strategies. Again, thank you."

Nadine Frush - Computer Studios, Inc.

“The Consistent, Quality Information You Provide Just Wows Me!”
"I found my strongest takeaway was how absolutely amazing Robin's team is. The content and the speakers were/are great, but when I think about what you consistently accomplish with a small staff, I am both awed and highly motivated... No excuses, right. Thanks again!"

Jim Krantz - Krantz Secure Technologies

“Fantastic Seminar!”
"I just got back from the event. It was absolutely fantastic! It was jam-packed with actionable information, and the people I met there were terrific!"

Joseph Imperato Sr. - XSolutions Consulting Services

“Great Seminar!”
"Great seminar! If you're still not sure about attending one of these seminars, REGISTER and you'll be glad that you did."

Zoran Nikolic - GM Solutions, Inc.

“Best Sales And Marketing Content, Bar None!”
"Once again, Robin's team provides the best sales and marketing content, bar none. It was a pleasure to attend the workshop in Los Angeles, and I left with a ton of new insight."

Denis Wilson - DWP Information Architects

“Absolutely Fantastic!”
"Just got home from the LA event! Absolutely fantastic! Best time out of the office in a long time! Thanks to Robin and the team. Great job!"

Don Cockayne Applied Integration, Inc.

“Being Able To Talk With Your Peers In A Small Group Was Invaluable”
"I really enjoyed the Roadshow! The information presented was definitely valuable. Even though I've heard it many times, I left with new ideas and takeaways. The small size of group was just right for learning and networking."

Val Aubry - Main Street Software, Inc.

“The Roadshow Was An Amazing Event!”
"I went with my sales and marketing staff, and it was great to get them all onboard, and they got a lot of great ideas we are already implementing! The content and ideas really helped me to solidify my cyber security solution, and the vendors were top-notch!"

Bill Ooms - Business System Solutions Inc.

“The Roadshow Content is ON POINT”
"I'm writing this in Chicago, as I'm waiting for my return flight after Roadshow, to anyone who is still undecided on whether to attend one. I just attended the Chicago Roadshow, and it was fantastic! It was well worth the trip! The content and the vendors were on point. Great takeaways!"

Robin Robins

There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period. As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 18 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business.

In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.

Mike Stodola

Mike Stodola is the Chief Marketing Officer at Technology Marketing Toolkit where he brings his passion for marketing and sales to its members and customers. Mike founded, grew and sold two of his own service businesses outside of Chicago before seeking to take his experience to thousands of other entrepreneurs by working with companies that focus on them. In his free time you’ll probably find him eating his way through his new home of Nashville and posting photos of his food-journey on Instagram.

Allison Foelber

Allison Foelber is the VP of Done-For-You Agency Services at Technology Marketing Toolkit. She has been in the IT marketing industry for over 10 years and, at one point, was even Robin Robins’ own marketing manager. In her current role, she manages the team that builds conversion marketing funnels for clients that leverage the power of print, digital and authority marketing to generate leads. All of the strategies used are data-driven and custom to each client, ensuring that dollars invested in marketing yield dollars received in sales.

Mike Bazar

Mike Bazar is the CEO of Bazar Solutions, Inc., and the Winner of our 2021 Better-Your-Best Competition. This past year, during a global pandemic, Bazar Solutions has seen revenues up $951, 166, MRR Up $33,000 and profits up 208%. 

You don’t want to miss this special session where Mike will share his strategies and show how focusing on the ONE THING, added nearly a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue during 2020, the most difficult year ever to grow any business!